Did you mean Beginning (Anime), episode 1 of the anime?

Beginning (はじまり Hajimari?) is the first chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

Summary Edit

01 08A

Yuki blaming Megu-nee for catching her off guard.

Yuki is in love with her school! Even if she is sleeping during her classes. Walking in the halls, her teacher, Megumi, or rather, "Megu-nee," reminds Yuki about her club activities that she must attend to. Along the way to her club room, she explains why she is in love with her school, "I know it might sound weird, but I think school is a wonderful place. The physics lab is full of funny-looking machines. The music room has beautiful music instruments and scary portraits. For the broadcasting room, the entire school is it's stage. It has everything. It is just like our own country. You can't find a building as strange as school anywhere else. And my favorite is—"[1]

01 12A

Now, why does Kurumi need a lethal weapon?

School Life Club! Upon entering the room, Yuki meets up with one of her friends, Kurumi. Spotting a shovel next to her, Yuki wonders why it is there. Kurumi responded that it was the most lethal weapon in trench warfare. Later, one of their friends, Yuuri, preferably "Rii-san," entered the room and led the two up to the roof for garden work.

01 24A

Yuki, telling her friends that she loved them.

While working, Yuki and Kurumi began to splash some water at each other. Resulting in Yuki getting wet (and Kurumi winning), Rii-san tells her to change her clothes or she'll catch a cold. Yuki agrees and runs off. Kurumi began to wonder if she'll be alright by herself; Yuuri tells her not to worry since Megu-nee is with her. Quickly, Yuki returns to tell them that she loved them both and runs off, again.

Walking back to her classroom, Yuki repeats the fact that she is in love with the school lately. As she entered her classroom, she began talks to another student. A breeze went by so she closes a window. It is from here that you get a better view of the school from the outside. Unexpectedly, zombies wandering around.

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The following characters appeared in this chapter (in order of appearance):

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References Edit

  1. pages 8 - 9

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