Every Day (まいにち Mainichi?) is the seventh chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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The unnamed girl, from the previous chapter, wakes up and began her morning exercises. While running in place, she remembers a recent time when...

she was running (rather, fleeing) with her friend. Not knowing where to go, the girl pointed at the elevator.

Afterwards, the girl began to do some math. Puzzled, she pauses. Next, was English. The girl was reading The Stand by Stephen King.

The girl and her friend were visiting a bookstore. When she began to read a book in a foreign language, her friend questioned. Though, the girl says that she thinks that she could read it, since she had already read a translated version already. Just before her friend reply, a scream was heard. When they looked outside they saw were "people" attacking other people.

Then, Japanese; followed by lunch. She thanks for the food and begins to eat...

07 17A

Her friend, wanting to leave

The girl and her friend were eating on top some cardboard, during the meal her friend started to look uneasy as she says "I'm leaving"[1]. The girl tries to counter-reason with her, but to no avail, her friend was simply not happy living in their circumstance and leaves.

Next, music; the unnamed girl (while listening to music) becomes uneasy and shouts in frustration. From this, zombies began to tap against the door. Acting quickly, she hid and covered her ears to essentially mute the sounds from the zombies.

Going to bed, she, too, decides that she isn't fine with living under the current circumstances. On the other hand, she still didn't want to lose.

07 25A

Yuki getting the last laugh

Meanwhile, at the school, Yuki woke everyone up by saying that she just thought of something fun. Kurumi tried to have her spill it out, but rather, she would reveal it in the morning. From this, Kurumi punishes her by hitting her on the head. Yuki tells Rii-san about this. Rii-san told her to not do that again. Yuki then began to explain that the idea would be more presentable in the morning, rather than now, so they have something to look forward to. Kurumi agrees and the others go back to sleep. Shortly after, Yuki laughs evilly one last time.

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