Infection is the 56th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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Aosoi was confused as to what Rise had said. Rise then tells her that the School Life Club was going on an expedition and was wondering if she had wanted to go along. Aosoi replies that she doesn't want to babysit them as it isn't like herself to do such. Rise then replies that they were heading to the Randall Corporation. This catches her attention. Rise then continues off to ask her why she was hiding. But before she can answer, Rise explains that it can't be to just survive, rather that she can't die yet because she still wants some answers.

Aosoi declines, saying that there is no guarantee that such an investigation at Randall will be effective. Rise then presents the emergency response manual. This, once again, grabs Aosoi's attention. Aosoi puts down her cigarette and tells her to wait.

In the back of the chemistry labs, Aosoi, with a gas mask, takes some tools and approaches the two chained-up zombies in her lab. She takes a screwdriver up to the zombie's head, then whacks it with a mallet.

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Aosoi opens the doors to see Rise telling her that she appears to be tired. She steps out and takes a look at the sky. She says that she hates the outside.

Touko calls for everyone's attention to state that they have a new member, but doesn't remember her name. Aosoi then says that it was Aosoi Shiiko. While she was eating some chips, she notices Miki and smiles at her.

They clap for her. Now Aosoi is has stated that she has looked through the emergency response manual. She notes that it does make sense as to why they were going to investigate Randall. After this, she asked who was going.

Rii-san answers this, saying that it will be the School Life Club from Megurigaoka High School. A stare-off then began between the School Life Club and Aosoi. After Aosoi finishes licking her fingers, she asks about Kurumi and Yuki's faces since they had been doodled.

As the two were wiping their faces, Aosoi gets up and looks at Kurumi. She looks at her eye, then feels her arm. Yuki attempts to cover for Kurumi by saying that she has a cold. However, Aosoi stated that she was infected.

This heightens everyone. Miki gets up to say that she is a lot better now... compared to a long time ago. Yuki then takes Aosoi's hand off of Kurumi and asks her if she was going to do something to Kurumi. Yuki also says that if she does do something, she won't be forgiven. Aosoi tells her that she doesn't know anything then says that things have gotten interesting.

Meanwhile, in a disclosed location, a helicopter flies over a ship with zombified sailors.

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