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Are you fine with staying alive like this?

—Kei, to Miki, Chapter 12

Kei Shidou (祠堂 圭 Shidō Kei?) was a second-year student at Megurigaoka Private High School. She was a close friend of Miki, and a supporting character in the Gakkou Gurashi!.

Appearance Edit

Kei was a teenage girl with a fair complexion, that was prone to blushing. She had straight and short chestnut-brown colored hair, falling down to her shoulders with a piece of her hair tied into a small ponytail at the back. She had light brown eyes.

Kei was only ever seen wearing her school uniform, which consisted of a white short-sleeved shirt, with frills at the sleeves. There were also a green necktie and a blue ribbon hanging from it, implying that she was in second grade. She also wore a green skirt, with four yellow buttons around her waist and hip, short white socks, and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Kei was, according to what Miki said, an easy-going, cheerful and happy girl who was always seen smiling. Even when the outbreak occurred, she continued smiling and being positive as she had Miki and other friends in the evacuation shelter. However, eventually, the stress of the incident and later the death of the boy she began to have feelings for gave her deep suffering, as he had put the room on fire after being infected and killed all the other where they currently lived.[1]

However, Miki and Kei were the only ones who survived, as they took refuge at another place. After being in that dangerous situation, Kei became serious and deeply depressed, so eventually, she stopped smiling and Miki stated that she hadn't seen Kei smile once since that day. When she started thinking that the food and water in the room would eventually run out, she made her decision on leaving their sanctuary, even if it would cost her life.[2]

History Edit

Manga Edit

One day after school, Miki and Kei went to the mall. After a while, the girls suddenly heard people screaming and panicking. While going to the elevators, they saw dead people inside it with a lot of blood. They became terrified and managed to get to a fitting room, where they hid.

After hiding a while, an unnamed young man found them. They followed the young man to presumably the fifth floor; where there were some other people and they explained what was happening. They were a total of 11 people who had evacuated safely. So Kei and Miki started living at the evacuation shelter, and everyone cooperated in improving the living conditions, as chores were divided into genders: the men would go on expeditions and the woman would do the housework.

Kei jealous

Kei being jealous.

As time passed, Kei was seen to develop feelings for the young man, as she became very happy when he came back from exploring and became jealous when other girls came near him.[3][4] One day, the young man, who was also the leader of the group, found a bottle of wine and the group threw a party.

Someone in the group saw that the leader had a bandage around his finger, but he said he had hit his hand with a hammer. That night, the leader was shown to be trembling and in pain—the first signs of infection. He turned in his sleep and accidentally knocked over a candle, setting the room afire. Miki and Kei were the only two to escape into a shelter room while the fire and infection spread. The two then started blockading the door and waited. Later, it appeared to be some other people, shouting for them to open the door, but they ignored.

From this point on, Kei never had a smile on her face. She became deeply depressed and couldn't bear the thought of staying in the sanctuary forever without someone finding them. So Kei left, and the last words that Kei said to Miki were if she was happy to just be alive like they were.

Anime Edit

In the anime adaptation, Kei and Miki saw Taromaru, and Kei patted him. Taromaru's owner then thanked them for playing with him. When the outbreak was starting, they hid in the fitting room. They saw zombies everywhere and they then felt something was coming towards them and they prepared themselves; however, it turned out to be the little puppy Taromaru. They saw that he had blood on him, though he hadn't been bitten. They slowly looked out and saw Taromaru's owner infected as a zombie. Horrified, they proceeded to flee to the shelter room along with Taromaru. At first, Kei was positive that help would eventually come. However, days passed, and help never came. This made Kei depressed and she would usually listen to her CD player. Kei tried to go outside a few times, but was convinced to stay by Miki. However, one day, she was serious about leaving that even Miki couldn't stop her. Kei explained that nobody would find them if they stayed in the shelter, and that food and water would eventually run out. Before leaving, she gave Miki her CD player and told her that she promises to get help with a smile.

Story Edit

Manga Edit

Chapter 7
07 17A
Kei makes a few appearances in Miki's flashbacks. The first one being from P.E. (Physical Education), Kei and Miki were running inside the mall, unsure of which way to go, they head to the elevator doors. The second one being from English, Miki was picking out a book, "The Stand" by Stephen King, Kei peeks out, wondering if she can read it (since it was in a foreign language). Hearing screams, the two look out the window spotting the start of the outbreak. The last one being lunch, Kei and Miki were eating hardtacks. While so, Kei tells Miki that she wants to leave. Miki tries to hold her back by telling her that it was too dangerous, yet Kei cannot live under their conditions.
Chapter 12
12 32A
Kurumi began reading Miki's diary to find any useful information; it was recorded...

Kei and Miki went to the mall since it was a beautiful day. At the bookstore, a scream was heard and the two look out the window to inspect. Unsure of where to go, Miki points out that they should head upstairs, using the elevator. When the doors opened, moving corpses were inside. Processing on what they witnessed had Kei's foot get caught by a zombie. Fleeing, once more with Kei leading this time, the lights go out, yet the two hid inside a changing room. Peaking out, they spot a person being eaten alive. Later, a one-person search party had discovered the two and from there they moved forward with the bigger group. Days later, a majority of the group got too cocky and accidently burned down most of their assets or died while partying. Kei and Miki managed to escape it, but in return took Kei's simile away. The last thing noted in Miki's diary was the fact that Kei left that day and she couldn't stop her.

Closing Miki's diary, Kurumi reports that nothing of importance was found.

Chapter 16
16 10A
While Miki was confronting Yuki, Miki tells Yuki that she hasn't gone through that she had to go through back at the mall with Kei.

Chapter 30
30 28A
Before the School Life Club members depart from their school, Kei makes an appearance, zombified. As Miki notices, she hesitates on asking and the group departs.

Bonus Chapters Edit

Volume 6 Bonus

One day while scanning various radio frequencies, Aosoi intercepts a message from Kei. Kei tells her that she is stuck at the north entrance of the Megurigaoka Train Station and says that her leg was injured, but she believes that it wasn't bitten. While Kei was speaking, Kei tells her that she can't remain at her current location because she was running low on water. Before ending her transmission, Kei mentions that her friend, Miki, was at the top floor of a shopping mall waiting to be rescued.

With this, Aosoi notes that Kei had most likely used the broadcasting equipment in the stationmaster's office. She also notes that Kei had repeated her transmission two more times, each with an hour apart of each other during the evening. Aosoi had checked the same frequency the next day to see if Kei would have attempted to call for help again; however, there was no follow up.

Since it is clear that the bonus chapter was written before some of the events of Volume 6, it is probable that this message was sent before Kei's appearance in Chapter 30.

Anime Edit

Episode 4
EP04 0046
After Yuki shows off the graduation album, Kurumi inspects and stumbles on Miki's drawing of herself and another girl at the mall's bookstore. Unsure of who she was, Miki answers that it was a close friend of hers and starts telling them what events took place at the mall...

Classes ended early and the skies were beautiful, thus Miki and Kei heads over to the mall. Inside the mall, Kei brought a CD and starts listening to it. Miki comments on the fact that she still uses a portable CD player. Kei argues that the quality of the CD was much better. From there, the two spots a dog, Taromaru, and plays with him for a bit. At the bookstore, Kei spots Miki reading "The Stand" and wonders if she could read it. Afterwards, a scream was heard and the two inspect. Seeing that everyone on the ground floor was running away from something, the two decide to do the same. Looking on ahead, the escalators were congested with people trying to go down them. Running over to the elevators had them calm down for a bit. Until realizing that moving corpse were inside. Fleeing, once more, the lights go out, but the two hid themselves in a changing room. Right after, they considered that people don't simply die from a fire or minor accident. A bit after, Taromaru appears with blood on his back. Peeking out, the three sees that the elderly woman had become a zombie. It was nighttime and Kei, Miki, and Taromaru had taken refuge in a small office room. Asleep, Kei and Miki holds their hands together. The next day, the three eat breakfast, and Miki starts discussing about the epidemic, Kei, being optimistic, had thought that when a sickness rises, a vaccine will cure it; as well as send a large rescue crew. Days later, Kei is trying to listen on the radio for anyone, with no luck. Holding the boxes to prevent a break-in, had Kei tell Miki that she wanted to go outside. Miki refuses to let her go but Kei didn't feel safer inside that small office room anyways. Miki held Kei's hand and soon after, she decides to stay. Nighttime falls again, but this time, Kei releases her hand from Miki's. Another day, Kei repeats that she wants to leave. Miki tries to persuade Kei into staying and she does, temporarily. The next day, Miki wakes up to Kei packing up. Miki attempts to stop her one last time, but fails. Kei looks out, hands Miki her portable CD player, claims that she'll be back for her one day with help, and runs off.

Episode 7
EP07 0038A
Miki was walking down the halls, hearing someone read aloud, she looks inside classroom 3-A. Spotting Kei, she looks again to have realized that she had mistaken Yuki for Kei in such a short moment.

Episode 12
EP12 2135A
Before the School Life Club members depart from their school, Kei makes an appearance, zombified. As Miki notices, she hesitates on asking and the group departs.

Relationships Edit

Miki Naoki Edit

Kei and Miki were best friends and on good terms. They cared for each other and lot and had a deep bond of trust as they could freely talk about various topics and were always seen together. Kei was also protective of Miki as a friend: as when they were in the group and had a party, one guy hit on Miki but Kei interrupted their conversation and took her away. Since it was Miki's first time dealing with "drunkards", Kei gave Miki the advice to not let them come to her,[4] which shows that Kei cared for Miki. After Kei's disappearance, Miki says she misses her a lot and wishes to see her again one day. When Miki saw a zombie strongly resembling Kei, she was speechless but before she could say anything, the School Life Club drove off.

Appellation Edit

Character What Kei calls them What they call Kei
Miki-iconMiki Naoki
  • Miki
  • Miki-chan (once, manga)
  • Kei
  • Taromaru (anime)
Yuki-iconYuki Takeya
  • Ke-kun
Yuuri-iconYuuri Wakasa
  • Kei (anime)

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Kei (?) means  "square", or "jewel".
  • Yuki combined Miki's (Mii-kun) and Kei's (Ke-kun) names together, resulting in Mike.[5]
  • Miki has stated that Kei was in the same class as she was, class 2-B.[6]

Navigation Edit

References Edit

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