Next Year (らいねん Rainen?) is the third chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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03 03A

Yuuri wondering what will happen eventually…

Rii-san was inventorying their assets, while Kurumi was reading a book. Rii-san tells her that they've been running low on electricity. Kurumi assumed that was because it had rained quite often. Suddenly, Yuki runs into the room, telling them that they should go on a test of courage. Rii-san agrees since they had needed some supplies anyways.

Night time and the group begins walking in the hallways. Meeting up with Megu-nee, the group heads off towards the school store. Inside, Yuki had obtained a pack of balloons. Afterwards, they head to the library. Kurumi insisted that she'll keep watch while they go inside. After Yuki finds out that Rii-san was checking books out for Yuki, she runs off to find some manga.

03 18A

Megumi scolding Yuki for running in the library.

While picking out some manga, Megu-nee finds and scolds Yuki for running in the library. Suddenly, a zombie appeared before them and Megumi pulled Yuki away. Megu-nee tells her to stay put while she goes out to talk to him. Later, Rii-san and Kurumi flashes their flashlights and spots Yuki. Megu-nee peaks over from the bookshelf and tells Yuki that the "ghost" was just a student who just left.

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