The Randall Corporation is a fictional multinational company in Yokohama, and a suspected source of the zombie plague.

Facilities and Technology Edit

The Randall Corporation was responsible for the construction of various buildings and institutions around Yokohama. They are also responsible for the creation of survival bunkers at many of these facilities, most of which include an experimental cure to the zombie plague. They are also the creator of the temporary antidotes found in the designated evacuation facilities in the town.

It is heavily suggested that they were the creators of the plague as well, but this is never hinted in the anime and has yet to be revealed in the manga.

It is also strongly suggested that they were the group responsible for sending a helicopter to Megurigaoka High School after discovering the students' balloon message, which means that they may still be organized and operational, even after the outbreak, to an extent (manga only, in the anime, no helicopter scene was shown).

Trivia Edit

The name Randall seems to be based on the name of science fiction antagonist Randall Flagg, from Stephen King's The Stand. Both Stephen King and The Stand have been referenced a number of times in both the manga and the anime.

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