Manga Time Kirara Festa 2016 Drama

Released: 26th June 2016 (Manga Time Kirara Festa 2016)

Potential spoilers: up to episode 1 / chapter 1

Y: Ahhhhh! What a nice breeze! It feels nice being on the roof! It's like my heart is leaping!

S: Yes, like your heart is leaping... But it's late now. ___, okay?

Y: Wow, amazing!

S: ____!

Y: Look at that! Look, Megu-nee!

S: At what?

Y: The stars are reeeeally pretty!

S: Oh, you're right! Ah!

[shooting star twinkles]

Y: A shooting star!

[another one twinkles]

S: Ah, another one!

Y: I- I need to go call everyone!

K: Mmmnnn... What's the matter...?

Y: Like I said...! The stars are ___! If you don't hurry, they'll all fall and disappear! How do we ____!?

S: A-ah, T-Takeya-san, shooting stars aren't-

M: Yuki-senpai, shooting stars aren't actually the stars that you can see in the sky falling.

S: Ohhh...

K: It'd be a problem if ____ disappeared, wouldn't it?

Y: Eh? Then what's falling?

K: Hmmm... ____

R: Um, they're really tiny fragments of stars. When _________ sparkle high in Earth's atmosphere, that's what it looks like.

Y: Oh? Even though they're tiny, they're really terrific, right?

M: Th-they're terrific?

Y: After all, not only do they shine really bright, they even grant wishes!

M: Wishes?

Y: Ummm... What do you do, again?

K: When they shine, you _______, right?

[shooting star twinkles]

Y: Ah! One shone! Um, manga manga manga!

M: Senpai!? Is it really okay to wish on a star for that?

Y: But manga's really great, you know?

R: That's good. I've got some manga I'd like you to read, Yuki-chan.

Y: Huh? Really? Thanks, Rii-san!

R: I found these in the library room earlier. Here you go!

Y: Th-this is...! Everyone's been so busy, but ______ time to buy _______!

R: I didn't _____...

Y: "Learn Maths With Manga A, B, C, D, E, F"! ...W-what's F!?

K: Heheh, that's great, your wish was granted!

Y: Ohhhhh...

S: Don't feel down! Sensei will look at it with you, okay?

M: She's getting her just deserts, I suppose...? Kurumi-senpai, what sort of wish would you make?

K: Hmm, let's see... I think I'd make a more grown-up wish, ___ the future...

[shooting star twinkles]

Y: Ah, another one shone!

K: Wha- games, games, games!

M: Games!? What about a more grown-up wish, ____ the future...?

K: Er, ahaha, well, games aren't just for kids, and ___ I might become a game designer...

Y: Hang on a minute!

[Yuki runs off]

K: H-hey, where are you going?

M: She's gone.

R: Heehee, Yuki-chan's the same as ever, isn't she?

M: The stars really are pretty, though.

K: The town's pitch dark...

R: _______

K: It's like _______

M: Yuki-senpai's good at finding nice things, isn't she?

R: _____

[door creaks]

Y: Ah, I, I'm back...!

K: Oh! What's up?

M: Senpai, you're drenched in sweat!

Y: Haaaah, haaaaah...!

R: Ah, did you run back? Are you alright?

M: I'll go get some water.

R: Okay, hurry back!

Y: Whew...

R: It's dangerous to walk around alone at night, you know?

S: Haaaah, haaaah! It... it's okay! I was... there too!

Y: Yeah! Right, Megu-nee?

K: So, what did you want to do?

Y: Oh yeah, here! Stamps! ...I mean, cards!

K: _______ mistake...

Y: B-b-but _____________________ cards!

K: Oh, did you get those cards from the club room? They're certainly a game, but...

R: Ah, cards have quite a history, you know?

Y: Yeah, yeah! ____

K: Ah, they don't do that here, though...

Y: Old Maid and Millionaire, Sevens and Memory! Cards have infinite potential!

R: Hey, Kurumi. If you invent a new card game, you could be a game designer, couldn't you?

K: I... guess so...

Y: Whoa, amazing! __ a game designer! Your dream's come true!

K: I, I suppose...

Y: Shooting stars really are amazing! They're granting wishes one after another!

K: Well, I guess you could _____...

Y: What about you, Rii-san? What kind of wish do you have?

R: My wish... I hadn't really thought about it much. Let's see... If my wish would really come true... There's someone I'd like to meet.

Y: Someone you'd like to meet?

R: Yes. Someone I'd like to meet one more time.

K: Yeah...

Y: So why not try wishing?

R: Huh? Is that okay?

Y: It's fine!

R: Um... okay then! I want to meet, I want to meet, I want to meet! ...Nothing's going to happen. Hahhh...

K: Hold it.

[slow footsteps]

R: Huh!?

K: Everyone, get back!

[door creaks open]

K: Hyaaaaaaah!

M: Aaaaaah!

K: Huh!?

M: Um... I brought... some water...

Y: Ah, welcome back, Mii-kun!

K: Oh, it was Miki...

R: Ahhh, you startled us...

M: I'm the one who was startled! ...Actually, are you a bit worn out? ____ like you've dropped a naruko during a performance.

M: I see, so Rii-san's wish ____...

R: That's right, Miki-san.

Y: So the person Rii-san wanted to meet was Mii-kun!

R: Not just Miki-san - I hope the whole School Living Club is always together!

Y: Yeah, that's right! We need to wish for that!

R: Huh? What is it, Yuki-chan?

Y: Everyone, um... *whisper whisper*

All: Okay, yeah... I see!

[shooting star twinkles]

Y: Ah, there's one! Okay, let's go! One, two...!

All: I wish that next year, and the year after, everyone here can be together!

Translation notes:

  • There are quite a few words and phrases I can't quite make out, which are marked by underscores.
  • In Japanese, playing cards are referred to as "trumps" ("toranpu"), which is somewhat similar to "stamps" ("sutanpu") - but it's still a silly mistake to make.
  • When Rii-san starts discussing her wish, the music changes to Megu-nee's theme. Considering Rii-san's reactions later on, I don't think this is a coincidence. (It's also possible that she's thinking of Ruu-chan, but it's unclear whether Ruu-chan exists in anime canon.)
  • A naruko is a type of wooden clapper used in yosakoi dances.

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