Voice (こえ Koe?) is the 35th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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35 01A


Rii-san woke Yuki up and asked her if she wanted to engage in their conversation; she decided to partake.

The group is now looking over Kurumi's findings. That being, they discuss and Rii-san wants to go investigate as soon as possible, but the others are still puzzled. Yuki had also wanted to go to Namekawa Grade School as well. From this, everyone but Miki had prepare to investigate.

35 11A

Oh~ the irony

Now at the Namekawa Grade School gate, Kurumi insists on going in alone as she had assumed that this was supposed to be a quick investigation. Rii-san stepped in and reminded her that this was a search-and-rescue run and that Yuki and herself should tag along. Yuki agreed since she didn't want Kurumi to gain the popularity by acting like the hero. Before entering, Kurumi was wondering why Yuki was carrying a plushie. Yuki responds, saying that she was carrying Guuma-chan the plushie. She also tells her that the kids will be all over her.
35 16A

That was a close one!

Kurumi, Yuki, and Rii-san are now walking inside the school. Before going up a set of stairs, they spot some footprints. This made Rii-san anxious and she told the others to keep going. Now on the second floor, they spot a classroom. Kurumi prys the door open... to only discover a barricade? She steps in closer and a zombie's arm attempts to grab Kurumi. Quickly, she backs out and slams the door shut. Kurumi and Yuki had confirmed that it is too dangerous to do anything and wanted to leave. On the other hand, Rii-san strongly believed that someone is still inside. Kurumi tries to force Rii-san to go but instead, Yuki shouts, "HEY! IS THERE ANYONE IN THERE? WE'VE COME TO HELP! ANSWER US!"[1] A moment of silence and Rii-san asked if Yuki heard it.
35 21A
Yuki reports that she heard nothing. Rii-san began to frantically request her to try harder. She does but reports nothing notable. Rii-san then asks if Kurumi heard it. Kurumi doesn't answer her but replies that they must hurry or they'll get ambushed. A moment of thought and Rii-san appears to have give up. Before they left, Yuki had placed her bear plushie against the wall and prayed. The three returned to the RV and Rii-san reported that they weren't able to checkout the whole school. Thus they'll continue tomorrow morning.
35 29A
Rii-san is on night watch; she still believes that she is still inside and wonders why the others couldn't hear her. Alone, she returns to school to continue investigation. In the morning, Kurumi realizes that Rii-san went missing. She quickly wakes Miki up and the two ran back towards the school. Passing the school gates, Rii-san makes her way out with her little sister.

Now returning to the RV, Yuki spots them and welcomes Rii-san's little sister; lastly, welcomes everyone else.

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