The second volume of Gakkou Gurashi! (がっこうぐらし!?) was released on June 12, 2013 (Japanese) and February 23, 2016 (English).

Volume Synopsis Edit

The mysterious girl, too, has a backstory! Though at first, it was explained partially and was hard to follow it. In another location, the School Life Club members were preparing for their outing (field trip). When they were ready, the School Life Club members takes Megumi's car, with Kurumi and Rii-san driving. They arrive at the mall, do some looking, and begin to leave. Causing some noises along the way, the mysterious girl hears them and attempts to escape the mall as well. Afterwards, the mysterious girl's backstory was truly revealed.

Major Events Edit

These events occurred within this volume:

  • the mysterious girl's daily events and backstory
  • outing (field trip)
    • Megumi's car was used
      • Kurumi—temporarily—returned home and left a note
    • the mysterious girl is rescued
      • her backstory, fully revealed
  • new characters

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