The fourth volume of Gakkou Gurashi! (がっこうぐらし!?) was released on July 11, 2014 (Japanese) and August 23, 2016 (English).

Volume Synopsis Edit

Kurumi really messed up, finally revealing that it was Megu-nee who attacked her, Miki goes off to take her down. Arriving to the basement, Miki takes the time to talk to Megu-nee and strikes her with the shovel. Miki returns with the medicine and injects it into Kurumi. During the night, Yuki uncuffs Kurumi and tells her to get well soon. In the morning Kurumi had recovered from infection.

Megumi's story was finally revealed! She was seen locked outside from the broadcasting room, sacrificing herself to save three. Her backstory was told that she too had feared for the worse as she was the only adult responsible for the remaining students.

As Kurumi appears to have recovered, the School Life Club members head to the basement to look for things they needed. Sometime later, Miki and Rii-san were discussing about the Randall Corporation. In another location, a helicopter pilot gets in a helicopter, with Yuki's drawing…

Major Events Edit

These events occurred within this volume:

  • Megumi's status is now Deceased
  • Kurumi's status is now Alive (Recovered)
  • Megumi's story is revealed
  • After inspecting the basement, Kurumi found the vice principal... hanging dead
  • Yuki's drawing and a helicopter pilot

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